Jeffrey Greenberg is a CTO-level technologist, and a technology management consultant to startups and established companies such as Liberty Travel, Siemens, and Liberty Travel. With a specialization in medical related technology, and in distributed and operating systems architecture, he leads, architects and produces systems and products, and on advises technology ventures. He also runs an Art & Technology meetup in San Francisco at Noisebridge focused on supporting artists to question and engage with technology and art in all spheres of the life: moral, political, personal, etc. He also published a journal of ‘advanced art’ in NYC called The ACT, and a non-profit to support it, with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council for the Arts, and leading foundations such as Jasper John’s Foundation for Contemporary Performance.

He has a background in Bioengineering, Computer Science, and Fine Art.  More on his technology background is available here: http://jeffrey-greenberg.com . He studied performance art with Allan Kaprow and computing with Harold Cohen working on tools for AARON in early internet days. And did advanced operating systems work at Auragen under Anita Borg .

He spends his days looking for opportunities involving medicine and technology, and learning west-african drumming.


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