Writing to Somewhere: Pace

I have listened to Erik Satie’s music for much of my life, having been introduced to it through John Cage’s “Silence” and other writings.  In particular the lively versions by Aldo Ciccolini.  This morning on the radio I heard a particularly slow version of the Gymnopédies by Pascal Rogé and then I went and found a slower one by Anne Queffélec here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGH8Zir2Q_Q

I think of these as hyper-modern, contemporary, even if nostalgic.  They beg to be about better era of the past, even as you can hear the pain and uncertainty in them.

But it’s the pace of them that I long for, versus my modern day urgency.  Bombarded by repeated postings on Twitter and Facebook of the tunnel-vision of material similar to what i’ve read before or has been read by people who I know, I feel the relentless pace of it, and it is this that this music illuminates for me by contrast.  The quiet and thoughtfulness… The time it takes to ascertain and engage in a moment.


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